A Chronic Back Pain Relief and Support Device for everyday use!

Back-Up photo 1

UNFORTUNATELY THIS PRODUCT IS NOW DISCONTINUED. This is the largest and most comfortable Nada Chair (it has knee cushions and a back pad that are twice as thick as the next-in-line S'PortBacker). It has the most adjustable-length straps, so it is suitable for almost all sizes of customer from "petite" to those with "bigger body" builds.

The Back-up Nada-Chair comes with full instructions on how to "wear" it AND includes the CushShins accessory to spread the load on the knees and shins.

Colours: Available in black only

Back-up can helpful during pregnancy.

Back-up can also be helpful for women suffering low back pain during pregnancy.

Stretch Straps photo

Also available is another very useful accessory - Stretch Straps.