The lightest to pack & carry

Slouch!Buster photo

If you are currently using a Back-Up or S'PortBacker at work or at home, the SlouchBuster will allow you to receive the same benefits while on the move, if carrying a small and light product is a priority, as it weighs only 260gm!

We should point out that, to make it light and small, the Slouch!Buster has no knee pads and a 4" wide back pad, so it is not as comfortable as our other Nada Chair products. If you have not experienced the benefits and comfort of using a Nada Chair, then for long periods of sitting at desks in the office, or in front of your computer or TV at home, we do not recommend that you start with this product, but probably start off with a Back-Up or S'PortBacker. (We are NOT just trying to get you to spend more money; we really want you feel comfortable when you try your first Nada Chair!)

Colours: Available in black, navy blue and dark green